News & Highlights

News & Highlights


To our Members, Supporters & Patrons,

In accordance with Governor Baker’s recent announcement mandating all non-essential businesses and organizations remain shuttered until at least Monday, May 4th, The Dreamland remains closed. From our respective homes, however, The Dreamland’s team maintains focus on the future and is excited to present a sensational 2020 summer season.

At that time, The Dreamland will follow every available guideline from our State and local governments and will only open our doors to the public when it safe to do so.

In the meantime, please join us in our online spaces (Instagram and Facebook) and via weekly emails that will feature important updates along with a variety of fun activities, films and staged productions available online, many for free! In addition, our Director of Education Laura Gallagher Byrne is hosting social media based acting and audition classes, so be sure to check those out.

While the full impact of COVID-19 is yet to be determined, we know The Dreamland will be impacted in unprecedented ways, as will many organizations and businesses in our community. We hope that you and your families remain safe and in good health during this period of social separation, and you have my promise that The Dreamland will be back up and running, offering a new date for Nantucket’s Got Talent, and much, much more, as soon as we can safely do so.

The recent passage of the CARES Act changed many of our nation’s laws as it pertains to charitable giving in 2020, making it much easier for folks to support vital not-for-profit organizations like The Dreamland. If you have a moment, I’d encourage you to read this short article on the subject.

We thank you for your continued support of The Dreamland, Nantucket’s year-round, community-supported film and cultural center.

Joe Hale
Executive Director


Many Great Live Activities Brought to You by the Dreamland Stage Company!

Click Here to Download the new DSC Summer Session Flyer v4




Nantucket Dreamland Drive-In Now Open!

Welcome! Here’s all the information you’ll need for a safe and enjoyable outdoor entertainment experience!

7 Nobadeer Farm Rd.

Admission ONLY allowed with vehicles and you must remain with vehicle per town order. (No sitting in the fields currently allowed.)

Prices are PER VEHICLE:

  • ONLY One Person in Vehicle (with Membership Discount):  $10 + $2.50 Temporary Covid-19 Fee = $12.50
  • ONLY One Person in Vehicle (with No Membership): $15  + $2.50 Temporary Covid-19 Fee + $2 Service Fee = $19.50
  • More Than One Person in Vehicle (with Membership Discount):  $25 + $2.50 Temporary Covid-19 Fee = $27.50
  • More Than One Person in Vehicle (with No Membership):  $30 + $2.50 Temporary Covid-19 Fee + $2 Service Fee = $34.50

*For discount, we only require one person in vehicle to have a Dreamland membership of any type.

*If you purchase a ticket for only one person in your vehicle and there is more than one person in your vehicle, you will be turned away.  We cannot change tickets or sell tickets at the gate.

• Tickets WILL NOT be sold at the gate.  Tickets must be purchased in advance at
• No refunds or exchanges.  If the Dreamland must cancel a movie due to unforeseen circumstances, you may email within 48 hours to receive your refund.

• Parking lot opens at 7:00 p.m.  Gates close at 8:15pm.  Movies begin at  8:30 p.m.
• A Dreamland staff member will be at the entrance to scan your ticket.
• PLEASE BRING YOUR E-TICKET WITH QR CODE TO THE SHOW either printed or available on your phone.

• The speed limit in the lot is 5mph
• Dreamland staff members will guide you to a parking spot.  Once parked you are not allowed to move your vehicle.
• Please turn off your vehicle after parking. Roof hatches must be restrained low, so they do not block others view.
• Access to the playing fields and lawn seating are prohibited.
• No campers allowed. Oversized vehicles permitted at the discretion of management only. Admission not guaranteed.

• A facial covering is required anytime you are outside your vehicle visiting food vendors or using the restroom.

• Sound will be broadcast to your car radio.  Please tune to station 93.9

• Restrooms will be monitored by an attendant.  Please maintain 6-foot physical distancing.

• The Dreamland will not be selling concessions, but there will be independent mobile food trucks on site.
• No alcohol is permitted on property

• Please help us keep the drive in pristine by using the clear trash bag provided to you by Dreamland staff member upon arrival. Please carry out what you carry in.
• Please follow the directions of Dreamland staff members when exiting the drive-in.

• Pets are not allowed at the drive-in.
• No smoking of any kind is allowed on property.  No illegal drugs are allowed.
• No open flames (grills, sparklers, fireworks, portable heaters).
• This is a family-friendly activity. Please refrain from using foul language.
• Please use caution while walking on the grounds in the dark. Surfaces may be uneven.
• Shirts and shoes are required when visiting the restroom or food vendors.
• Dreamland staff will be available for the duration of the film.



Where Is The Drive-In?

The Playing Fields at 7 Nobadeer Farm Road.  The Movie Screen is located at the edge of the parking lot.  We did not make any changes to the playing fields, nor was any new pavement put down.

Sound is broadcast through an FM Transmitter to your car radio and soon, there will be a Smart Phone App as well, so as not to disturb the neighboring community.

How Will The Drive-In Impact the Playing Fields?

There is minimal impact.  The screen is located at the edge of the existing parking lot and a projector booth has been placed on the parking lot.  That’s it for changes.  The Playing Fields have always closed at twilight, which is the only time we will be screening movies.

When Will Movies Be Shown?

There will be one movie screened each night.  We expect movies to begin at 8:30pm but the gates will close 15 minutes prior to the start of the movie.  Parking spots will be determined by staff as you arrive.  Large vehicles will be directed to the back row so as not to block the view of those in smaller vehicles.   (We are still finalizing procedures so times are subject to change.  Final info will be available when you purchase your tickets.)

NOTE:  The intention is to start movies at dusk, so movies in August and September may start earlier.

Please note this is a brand new for us so please be patient and understanding while we work out logistics for a smooth experience.

When Will The Drive-In Open?

We officially open to the GENERAL PUBLIC on July 2nd.

How Big Is The Drive-In?

Open space is at a premium on Nantucket, and we are limited to the size of the existing parking lot at the Playing Fields at 7 Nobadeer Farm Road.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, we are required to operate at 50% capacity.  In addition, admission will require a vehicle and people will be required to stay with their vehicle during the movie, unless they are using the restrooms or ordering from the food trucks.  If they leave their vehicles, they are required to wear a mask.

Even though vehicles will be 6 feet apart, the town does encourage people to wear masks while watching the movie.

Once the pandemic is over, the hope is to allow people to watch the movies from the lawn and to allow admission to pedestrians and bicyclists.  However, that probably will not happen until 2021.

How Do I Purchase Tickets and How Much?

You must purchase tickets online, in advance, through our website.  We will not be selling tickets at the gate.   There is a large discount if you are a member, so if you’re not yet a member, we encourage you to Join Now!  Your Membership supports the Dreamland and saves you money too!

Prices are PER VEHICLE, NOT per person!

ONLY One Person in Vehicle with a Membership:  $10 + $2.50 Temporary Covid-19 Fee = $12.50

ONLY One Person in Vehicle without a Membership: $15  + $2.50 Temporary Covid-19 Fee + $2 Service Fee = $19.50

More Than One Person in Vehicle, with a Membership:  $25 + $2.50 Temporary Covid-19 Fee = $27.50

More Than One Person in Vehicle, without a Membership:  $30 + $2.50 Temporary Covid-19 Fee + $2 Service Fee = $34.50

*For discount, we only require one person in vehicle to have a Dreamland membership of any type.

*If you purchase a ticket for only one person in your vehicle and there is more than one person in your vehicle, you will be turned away.  We cannot change tickets or sell tickets at the gate.

May I come if I don’t have a car?

Unfortunately, no. As of today, per town order, you must stay in your car.  You may only leave your vehicle to purchase food from the food trucks or to use the bathroom facilities.  If you leave your vehicle, you are required to wear a face mask.

May I sit on the lawn instead? 

As of today, per town order, you must stay in your car.

Will The Drive-In Be Showing New Releases?

Yes!  Thanks to the generosity of the Nantucket Community, we raised enough money to purchase a Digital Cinema Projector ($70,000+) which Hollywood Studios require to show first run movies.  You may have noticed a number of “Pop-up Drive-Ins” launching recently, but those use inexpensive DVD Projectors.  Apart from a lower picture quality, they can only show old movies released on DVD.

Josh Gray, Director of Programming, is currently finalizing the summer schedule.  It will be a mix of new movies and old classics, based on what Hollywood decides to release this summer and their screening requirements (i.e. how many days in a row we much show a new release in order to get the rights to screen it.)  We will definitely be screening Tenet at the Drive-In!

How Do I Stay Up To Date on News about The Dreamland and The Drive In?

Josh sends out a weekly newsletter and also posts information on Facebook and Instagram.  You may sign up for the newsletter here.

Will The Dreamland Theater Be Open This Summer?

Maybe. This is at the discretion of the Governor of Massachusetts and the Town of Nantucket.  If we open, we plan to screen movies only in the main and studio theaters, and the schedule will coincide with the Drive-In Schedule.

There will be very limited capacity and all tickets will be reserved seating, with our ticketing system blocking out sales of seats surrounding the seats that you select, and face masks will be required.  More Details to come.

We also have something new and exciting (and non-movie related) planned for the Harborview Room and Deck! Stay tuned for Details!

For More Information About the Fundraising Campaign including a video from our Executive Director, Visit the Link Below.

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