Nantucket Dreamland Foundation
17 South Water St, Nantucket, MA 02554







Building opens 30 minutes prior to first show of the day.   All tickets must be purchased online, except for via the Kiosk in the building lobby.  Currently, Restrooms ONLY for use by patrons in theater to see a movie.

By Mail:
P.O. Box 989
Nantucket, MA 02554

By Phone:
Box Office: 508.332.4822, Option 1
Main Office: 508.332.4822, Option 2
Administrative Staff: 508.332.4822, Use Extensions Below

Alicia L. Carney
Executive Director
alicia@nantucketdreamland.org 508.332.4822 x105
Paul Berard
Director of Cinema Operations
Michelle Feldmann
Donor Relations Manager
michelle@nantucketdreamland.org 508.332.4822 x107
Ty Fleischut
Marketing Administrator
tyler@nantucketdreamland.org 508.332.4822 x102
Laura Gallagher Byrne
Director of Theater & Education
laura@nantucketdreamland.org 508.332.4822 x101
Josh B. Gray
Director of Creative Programming
josh@nantucketdreamland.org 508.332.4822 x100
Stan Hope
Hospitality and Operations Manager
stan@nantucketdreamland.org 508.332.4822 x104
Larry Levine
Director of Finance
Katie McAveety
Special Events and Production Manager
katie@nantucketdreamland.org 508.332.4822 x103
Sassy Nash
Educational Programming Coordinator
sassy@nantucketdreamland.org 508.332.4822 x108
Zlatina Petkova
Executive Administrator
zlatina@nantucketdreamland.org 508.332.4822 x109
David Ring
Digital Services Administrator
david@nantucketdreamland.org 508.332.4822 x106
General Information info@nantucketdreamland.org


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