Advisory Council

The Dreamland is grateful to its Advisory Council that began meeting in 2013 to discuss programming, fundraising and education/outreach initiatives. Its current members are:

Jon Alden
Judy Baltimore
Amy Baxter
Kate Brosnan
Diane Buechel
Renee Ceely
Ann Colgrove
Michael Cozort
MJ Dickson
Bonnie Fitzgibbon
Gabrielle Gould
Kate Hamilton
Kim Horyn
Catherine Kelley
Siobhain Klawetter
Paula Korn
Anne Kuszpa
Reggie Levine
Gerry & Nancy Mack
Gene Mahon
Brenda McDonough
Frank Morral
Logan O’Connor
Pauline Proch
Randy Ringer
Judy Seinfeld
Caitlin Waddington
Rhoda Weinman

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